The Golden Pot of Energy

We are not bottomless pits of giving and doing, even when giving and helping is something that supports us provides us comfort with where we fit in the world.

The Golden Pot is something I try to remember myself in parenthood and try to encourage new mumma’s to take on board. We literally can not do everything, be everything and have everything all the time, ESPECIALLY when our babies are young.

Another inspiring mumma @BethNev rreminded me again of this when she posted about the postpartum period being 3 years, YES that’s right 3 YEARS to recover after a new babe arrives.

All too often I see beautiful new mumma’s simply burned out as they try to juggle ALL the balls. Trying to tick every box so they have a ‘good’ baby (all babies are good, some are just more work then others) and still meet perceived obligations to partners, family and friends.

That pot of energy you have truly is Golden, don’t let it all pour away trying to be everything to everyone. Decide what is deeply important to you and your little family and invest that Golden liquid wisely. Remember to tap that stem when need be and make time to top yourself back up. It is not selfish, it is simply smart!

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