How to Practice when you don't feel like Practicing

I think to some degree, we all know that feeling when doing anything, let alone making time to unroll the mat or headout to our normal yoga class, feels like a mission. The thing is, that it is on these days making the time to practice is not only most important, but will undoubtedly give back to us just what our mind, body and soul need the most. Please do not assume I am suggesting that you drag yourself to your normal hot power yoga class on the first day of your menstrual cycle or (for the mumma's out there) after one of those nights you have been up for endless hours tending to your little one's needs. What I am suggesting, is that you commit to do something, some component of a yoga practice each day with the knowledge that this commitment and dedication will set the foundation for your ultimate health and wellbeing. It is in this commitment that we can begin to incorporate yoga as a daily practice and reep the benefits of it as a part of our day to day lives.

I think often we make the mistake of placing too high an expectation on what our practice should look like and how long it should be. As we fail to find the time and often the energy to meet this expectation the enthusiasm and ability to achieve a daily practice beings to fall away. For many of us, especially those in the 'householder' years of our lives, commiting to a hour or more practice each day is entirely unrealistic. However, dedicating a few minutes in the day to simply unroll our mat and then see what comes or is available on that given day may just be attainable. Even if 10 minutes is all you can muster at this stage in your life know that 10 minutes is better than no minutes at all, and maybe in time that bite sized piece will extend out into a dinner sized serve. and so

* Be intune with where you are at on any given day. If you are physically exhausted or mentrusating stick to soft slow movement, restorative posture, pranayama or choose to listen to a yoga nidra (there are heaps out there online and in podcasts)

* Take advantage of those days when you are feeling strong and/or have more time. Challenge yourself with a stronger or more dynamic asana practice

* Above all else simply start by committing to, in some capacity, unroll your mat and sit upon it. Do this without expectation or rigidity, instead do it with an open mind about what may or sometime may not flow on from this simple act.

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