Functional Flow in Family Life

The end of March saw my home town inundated by serious flood waters. We were not home at the time, instead we were south on holidays. Downstairs, my home yoga studio sat in 1 metre of water for over 24 hrs, but all was not lost, we came out relatively unscathed from the experience, just in a state of what feels like constant catchup. It is only in the last few weeks that I have felt free to simply flow with what this year seems to bring and stop fumbling about trying to find the breaks. As such I have not written anything since before the experience as I just keep coming up blank. With this in mind I have decided to share with you all the last article I wrote for “Healing Times Magazine”, just in case you too are being swept away but the seemingly endless force of 2017. Thankgoodness there is yoga facilitate this crazy ride called life!

Functional Flow in Family Life – (first published for Healing Times)

A state of flow, or yoga, is not only found while practicing asana, pranayama or meditation. It can be found in just about any activity in which we become completely absorbed, where the elements (particularly that of time and pressure) seem

to just melt away as we engross ourselves in the activity at hand. Before my time as “mum” I found this state significantly easier to access, often retreating to the garden where the day would seamlessly drift away while I worked. Fast forward a few years adding two children to the mix and my ability to flow seemed to stumble and fall flat on it’s face.
 Patanjali’s yoga sutra 1.2 “yogasgcittavrttinirodhah”: yoga is the ability to direct the mind exclusively towards an object and sustain that direction without any distractions, became my mantra as I found my awareness, abilities and patience stretched in every direction. Frankly, my days no longer flowed from start to finish, often taking multiple attempts to simply get started in the first place. Instead I had to try to learn to flow from one jagged interrupted moment to the next. In all honestly, parenting is possibly the most challenging and enlightening aspect of my practice. Yoga’s teachings are fundamental in my ability to navigate life as a wife and mother, whilst also reiterated the importance of nurturing myself.

Tips for finding flow in family life

  • Have a daily yoga practice, even if it’s simply lying on your mat in savasana for 10mins

  • Try to pick a time to practice when you won’t be interrupted or interruptions will be limited/loss If/when you are interrupted, try to see meeting the family members need as part of the practice

  • Take some time to sit and check in with breath and mind before you begin asana. This can be the gateway for the direction your practice may travel

  • Don’t dodge savasana!!! This is the time when all the goodness you have created permeates into your very essence

  • Your yoga practice is not a guilty pleasure, it is an essential component to your mental and physical health

With love and gratitude

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