Getting the most from Prenatal Yoga

How CAN we get the most from practicing yoga through pregnancy? Believe it or not, pregnancy can be the perfect time to really hone in and deepen your yoga practice. With personal intuition in a naturally heightened state during this acutely feminine time, we are give the perfect conditions to shed our layers of expectation and ego, tapping into the deeper understanding and wisdom that the mind, body and soul can divulge to us. For me personally, I found it to be a time when it was significantly easier to step beyond the physical aspects of asana, delving more deeply into the area’s of pranayama (breath) and meditation. Both of these aspects being key factors, I believe, in the empowering and amazing births that I was blessed with.

Below are my top 5 idea’s to genuinely help to get the most out of your prenatal yoga practice:

1. A Daily Practice (even if it’s just for 10 mins!) If you don’t already, aim to begin practicing yoga daily. Obviously it would be wonderful if we all had an hour or more a day to practice, but for many (especially those with other children) this can be very unrealistic. In my personal opinion (as a parent of young children) ANY practice is better then no practice at all (check out the Facebook page for short home sequences videos)

2. Breath Awareness If you can, try to practice some of the pranayama we cover in class. If you can’t remember them, then simply go with the golden oldie “A nice, long, smooth exhale”. Count it out if you can, and notice how over time it will naturally get longer.

3. Find Stillness Whether it be through a meditation practice, listening to affirmations while lying in savasana, a guided yoga nidra or simply sitting quietly in the backyard (I say, yes, you can enjoy a cuppa while resting in nature), all of these will help to alleviate some of the side effects we experience living our fast paced digital lives.

4. Explore other Supporting Practices I am a huge fan of acupuncture, massage and chiropractic work in pregnancy (just make sure the practitioner is experienced in supporting women through this time). I also strongly encourage women to look into hypnobirthing or calm birthing. All of the above work in beautifully with a prenatal yoga practice and will support and assist you in experiencing the best pregnancy you can.

5. Enjoy your time in class!!! Really take up what is on offer in your pregnancy yoga class. This time and experience is a true blessing and an opportunity to explore deeply into your inner being with out any external distractions or a ‘to do” list niggling at the back of your mind. Move at your own pace through class, don’t be afraid to rest when need be. Honouring your individual needs in class is practicing self empowerment, which that is crucial in birthing your baby.


Esther McVicar

Yoga Teacher specialising in Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga

Class in Murwillumbah, Cabarita Beach and Ipswich

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