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Birth Education Classes

I am so excited to be able to now offer Hypnobirthing Australia Birth Education Classes for those women and their partners who wish to delve in a bit deeper into preparing for their birthing day.


Dynamic Freedom Yoga Studio - Cabarita Beach


4 x 3hr sessions over 2 days 

next course dates:

Still to be announced post Covid - 19 Lockdown

Why invest in a  Hypnobirthing Australia Birth Education Class?

One of the main focuses in the Hypnobirthing Australia Birth Education program is to provide a host of birth education information and relaxation techniques that are extremely effective and accessible for all mothers-to-be. Over the duration of the program, together, we will create a deep sense of empowerment and capability while addressing underlying fears and doubts that you may be carrying regarding birthing your baby.

Yes, you will be learning and incorporating hypnosis techniques, but it is important to remember that these methods are self lead pathways to a sense and place of deep calm and release. Through visualisation, guided meditation, breath techniques, word and touch associations and a host of other tools you will teach your body and mind how to stay focused, calm and on task while birthing your baby (as well as into new motherhood and beyond). These techniques work, and that is why Hypnobirthing Australia mums rave about them to anyone who will listen!


The techniques and tools that you practice and learn though the course  are taken home to be practiced daily (if possible) between yourself and your birth partner. This home practice helps to develop a deep sense or trust and union between you both and assists in laying down the neural pathways within your mind allowing that safe place of calm and control to become easier and faster to access each time you practice. It also provides a wonderful opportunity for you, your partner and your baby to begin bonding as a family before your baby arrives earth side. The sound of your partners voice and the amazing state of calm and love created during the sessions will transcend to the baby also.

Course Costs:

Hypnobirthing - Full Group Course (12hr)                                 $500

Hypnobirthing - Refresher (3hr)                                                $270

For further details, to arrange booking and payment contact:

Esther 0433974746

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